Customers are asking about switching to Macintosh with increasing regularity. They might have heard that there are not as many viruses, or they are tired of dealing with Windows update issues. Some are considering an Apple product because their children or grandchildren are Mac users and have suggested that they make the switch.

You might be concerned about the learning curve. This is not nearly as big a deal as one might think. For the most part, we use our computers for only a few tasks. Browsing the internet, reading and writing email, Facebook, or creating documents to print or send to someone. The fact is that all of these tasks are accomplished in the same way on a Mac as they are on Windows.

Once you see how similar it is, it only takes a little while to be completely comfortable on a Mac. If you want to learn more, the Apple Stores have free classes on how to use your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, switching to a Mac will be like coming home.

All of your files can be moved to a Mac and for the most part, will open and work just like you would expect. If you have a lot of Microsoft Office files, you’ll want to get Office for Mac. If you already have Office 365, it can be easily transferred to your new Mac. The user experience in Word is the same on your Mac as it was on your Windows machine.

All of your bookmarked websites can be moved as well. As long as you have a password book or ledger, you will find this part of the transition pain-free.

Switching to a Mac is mostly about learning where things are, and for the normal user that is very intuitive.

If you are considering a Mac, and want to see one in action, let me know. For a small fee to cover my time, I can stop by with my MacBook Pro and show you how things work. Occasionally I have refurbished Macs on hand, and with a little lead time I can probably find you a great deal.