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Why? What's in a name?

When I moved to St Augustine my intent was to work predominantly with businesses in a Technology consultant role. Hence the LLC was formed as First Coast Business Consultants, LLC   (FCBC). The name was quickly shifted to FCBC Computer Services to better describe my role to potential clients.

Over the following months of working with businesses and residential clients, it became apparent that a more direct and clear message was needed. The name search was on… and has finally landed on First Coast Computer Services℠. The application was made with the state of Florida Division of Corporations, and approved.

Who Cares?

Anyone visiting FCBCLLC.com and landing here may well ask if they have been hijacked somehow. Past clients want to be certain of the continuity of service they have always had. And understandably would question landing on a new domain name, and seeing a new name. After all, if you want Steven Aldrich, of FCBC, you aren’t going to want to deal with some new upstart.

Rest assure, I have not changed. I have simply re-Branded my business.

Pardon our dust...

Over the next few days, we will be transitioning from FCBCLLC.com to FCCSpro.com. This means for some time, you may see one or the other domain name in the Address bar above.

As with any re-branding effort, there are hundreds if not thousands of details to deal with. Everywhere the old name is on websites and social media will need to be switched. This will take some time. Once all of this site has been cleaned up, this message will go be taken down.

But for now, please excuse our dust as we sweep up and get everything dialed in..

First Coast Computer Services works with all sizes of companies.

We also make house calls.

Today technology is seemingly inescapable. When it works correctly, it makes our lives much more rewarding. When it fails, to call it a distraction can be an understatement.

Whether a large corporation or a grandmother trying to skype with her kids, it’s fair to say that technology can be a real problem if it is not working correctly. Issues seem to happen at the very worst moment.

FCBC serves St. Augustine Florida, and the surrounding “First Coast” Area. We come to your home or place of business and work through your technology challenges in a patient, polite and understanding manner.

Having a trusted technology advisor, who will patiently listen to your needs and issues is what is called for when you need technology help. Sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of training. Other times it takes a concentrated effort to resolve the problem. Or you may wish to replace the failing technology. You can trust that FCCS will work with you to determine the best approach for you. We will work with you in figuring out the best solution, and help you accomplish it.

Steven Aldrich founded FCCS and has more than 20 years experience working with large and small companies, as well as home users of technology. Patient, attentive, and cost effective service is what you should expect. Rest assured that is what you will experience when you contact FCCS.

Call FCCS now at (904) 479-5661.  Or use the contact form in the footer below and we’ll contact you to set up an appointment.

ESET Endpoint Security provides multi-layered protection

Network Attack Protection, Exploit Blocker, Botnet Protection and World-Class Antivirus and Antispyware. Save on ESET with FCCS by sending an inquiry here.

Windows Product Service and Training

FCCS services all PC makes and models, as well as all current Microsoft Windows systems. “On-Site service” your Computer, Printers, Networking and WiFi setup is the best way to ensure that everything works where you use it.

Why take your computer to some shop to be fixed, when it must be setup correctly in your home or office? Where else would you want to be shown how to use your technology and receive hands on training?

Apple Product Service and Training

FCCS services all Apple products. Upgrades, Repairs, Virus Removal and Protection (yes, Macs can get infected), as well as Training on Apple products, including set up, joining a wifi network, security, backups, adding printers, and complex use scenarios.

I buy and refurbish many Apple products as well. A very popular request of clients is that I find them an iPad that is gently used and fully reformatted it to factory fresh.

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