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Steven Aldrich - Founder First Coast Computer Services

Steven Aldrich – Founder First Coast Computer Services

In the early 90’s as the head of the IT department for the largest trade organization in Arizona, I quickly discovered that I enjoyed personally assisting and training folks. Because I did not know every piece of software and every computer in the organization, my mantra became “Watch me learn how to do this, so I can teach you.” I continue to take this approach, as the computer industry and the ways folks use use them evolves.

Most of my customers begin by telling me that they are not very tech-savvy. And my response is “We all start off 100% blissfully ignorant about technology”. Some of us decide to become technology experts.

Patient, polite computer service is what is called for. Most of us have had the experience of a “techie” who has zero interpersonal skills. It can be maddening to deal with someone like that.

Listening to customers explain their computer problems, and discovering how to help them is quite rewarding for me. It’s about helping people achieve what they want done, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Often, all a person needs is a bit of training or encouragement. Other times, we need to talk about the hardware and software they use, it may need to be updated. It’s always a collaborative effort. I think that’s what I like about it.

This is why I came up with the tagline “Making Technology Easy”. It’s about finding a way to make the technology we use “feel” easy.

If you have a computer issue, give me a call. I’ll come to you, take care of the issue quickly, politely, and provide first class service. Be sure to check out this post about our On-Site & In-Home Services.

I have recently brought in Rob Koval to take on the On-Site calls. You can read about Rob here.