Solid State Drive Conversion

Why change your hard drive?

The Startup time on your computer can be reduced from minutes to a few seconds by switching to a Solid State Drive (SSD). In most cases I see that the computer boots up in under 10 seconds once the SSD has been installed. Stop those annoying “application not responding” issues.

No loss of data or applications

If you buy a new computer, all of your pictures, documents and other items must be moved to the new computer. Additionally all of your applications must be re-installed and typically your personal settings are lost.

FCBC will Rejuvenate your computer without loosing a thing. We Clone your existing hard drive to the SSD, and when we are done it will look like nothing changed, other than the speed of your computer. All of your pictures, documents and applications (along with your settings) remain intact, and running just like before (but MUCH faster)

How much Faster?

Many customers remark that they feel like they are working at light-speed, instead of crawling along. Webpages snap onto the screen, applications start up without any hesitation, everything just runs faster. Normally at least 10X faster than they did before the SSD conversion.


The cost of the Solid State Drive varies dependent on your specific needs. We will need to determine how much space you need, and then quote the cost of the drive. Typically the SSD Conversion Service Fee is $100, which includes Pickup & Delivery, Cloning your hard drive to the SSD, and running Malware/Virus detection.