Ink cartridges are expensive, often more expensive than the printer they go into. I ask many of my clients this question: “Do you need Color?”. Most hesitate before answering, but eventually tell me that they really do not “need” color.

In my home office I have two printers (yeah… I’m a geek, what can I say). The point is that my color printer is rarely turned on. But then it is also a Laser Printer, so I don’t worry about how seldom it gets used (why this is important is addressed below).  My Mono-Chrome Laser (Black and white) is the primary printer. Mono-Chrome Laser printers are fast, and the toner cartridges are inexpensive when you figure that they last for a year or longer.

Additionally, Laser cartridges do not dry up like the ink cartridges used in color Inkjet printers. The reason is that Inkjets use “wet” ink, while Laser Toner is a powder. There is no wetness to dry up. So, if you have a home up north, and are away in the summertime, a Laser Printer could be even more attractive.

Laser printers used to be only for larger offices, but not any longer. If you watch the sales, you can find Laser Printers for as low as $80. I prefer the HP Laserjet Printers over such brands as Canon and Brother. This is because HP has perfected (simplified) the setup process.

If you have ever used your color Inkjet to print a photograph, you will have noticed how wet the page is after printing. This is also why the print looks “muddy”, not a really sharp color picture.

A very high percentage of my clients realize that nothing they print “must” be in color. And the few items that they really want printed in color are quickly and inexpensively done at the local drug or office supply store.

The next question is do you need to be able to scan/copy/fax, or do you only need a printer? Laser “Multi-Function Printers” are more expensive. Even so, if one watches the sales, they are quite affordable.

The next time you are printing something, ask yourself, “Do I really need this to be color?” Maybe the next printer you buy will be a Mono-Chrome Laser.