Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Jan 2020 Article: Possibly the subtitle of this article should be “You vs Windows 10”. The fact is that we don’t like change. This is especially true if others have had problems with the change in front of us.

FIX – Slow computer after Windows 10 upgrade

A very quick edit to the Performance Settings will most likely fix your sluggish Windows 10 installation.   Here is a “how-to” video. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. PS: I didn’t have several hard drives connected to my...

Microsoft – New Full-Screen Windows 10 Reminder

Just in case you missed any of the previous.... Microsoft, having tried to convince us into upgrading previously, and failed, now decides to go Full-Screen. At least it has a “Don’t notify me again” capability. It leaves one wondering if they will...

Windows 10 Prompt FINALLY gets it right.

Now you can Decline the Free Upgrade… The newly updated Windows 10 upgrade offer screen shown below hits the mark by allowing you to “decline” the offer to upgrade for free. What is it that was so hard about giving Users the choice? It’s hard...

Windows 10 – The Push is on!

In the past week we have had several calls from folks who have gone to their computer and found that it had “automatically” upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft has upped the ante and now is presenting upgrade pop-ups that “seemingly” leave you no...
Tech-support scams on the rise

Tech-support scams on the rise

You may know someone that has been scammed by a phone call from someone saying that they are a Microsoft Tech Support specialist and that they are calling because the person’s computer is infected. Microsoft doesn’t make unsolicited calls.