Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and the holiday giving season is directly ahead. For many this means new computers, tablets, or cell phones. Now we need to address getting our important documents and files moved from an old device to the new one. It also means that we need to think about how to best dispose of the old equipment.

What about all of your stuff?
Your Files:
Moving files can be done by using an external drive, and copying the files by hand, or perhaps using automated migration software. There is even a Migration tool for moving from Windows to macOS, if you have made the jump to a Mac.

Your Applications:
Keep in mind that your applications will need to be re-installed. This can be done quickly if you have the install disks, but can be an issue if you don’t. This might be a really good time to ask yourself what applications you “really use”.

Your Bookmarks:
All of the top internet browsers allow you to export your bookmarks, so that you can import them on a new computer.

Your Passwords:
There is no good way to export your saved passwords. If you have passwords saved in your browser, you will have to re-enter them and save them in the new one.

How to dispose of your old equipment:
This can be tricky. You don’t want all of your files and information still on the device when you dispose of it. Most devices have a factory reset capability. The issue with a factory reset is that it may not “forensically delete” everything. Your files may still be retrievable by someone with data recovery tools and time on their hands. If you want to donate it to your favorite charity, extra care should be taken to fully wipe the device. There are so many types of devices, I don’t have the room to address this here. Please send me an email with the type of device, and I will provide you with secure resources for safely disposing of your equipment.

Older equipment may not be donation worthy. Please don’t put it in the trash. I give these devices to Sensible Recycling in Jacksonville. They are Veteran owned & operated.

Using your new technology:
Learning how to use your new device can be an eye opener. It may be a good idea to plan to spend some time learning about the new device. If it is a brand new type of device it may take some time to figure out where everything is.