With the advent of Coronavirus, many services are no longer immediately available to us. Getting help with your computer, while essential to you, does not seem to be listed on the US Government’s “Essential Services” List. This could leave you wondering what to do if there is an issue with your computer. The big box stores are no longer allowing you to drop it off for repair. This is very understandable, given that their employees are staying home.

Many tech support firms have moved their technicians to Remote Support roles. This opens up a big potential for fraudsters. PLEASE make sure that you know the person that you are granting remote access to your computer. You should only grant remote access to someone you know.

First Coast Computer Services Remote Service:

My company has been providing remote service for years here in St Augustine. See my ad on this page.

In-Person Support Protocols:

If your computer is not running or we are unable to start a remote support session, I have put in place protocols for any in-person, or on-site service:

  1. We will set a time for me to pick up the computer.
  2. When I arrive, I will be wearing a mask (to protect you)
  3. I ask that you observe the 6’ distance rule (to protect me)
  4. I will bring along disinfecting wipes and wipe the computer down
  5. I will disconnect and remove the computer
    1. If you have a laptop, please have it and the power cord ready for me to pick up at the door.
  6. Then I will wipe down any surfaces which I have touched and leave.

Typically, I can return a computer the next day, but we will discuss timing once we know what we are dealing with in your specific case.

Regardless of who you might contact to repair your computer, please be certain that they are reputable, and that you know and trust them. We probably should expect an increase in fraudulent activities during this pandemic.