Back in the early days of personal computers, we accepted the fact that we would have to wait (and wait… and wait some more) for things to get done. Today we have little patience for having to wait and watch spinning wheels and slow response times.

What makes a computer seem to lose its’ pep? Do they just get tired, or is there something else going on? Over time we install all sorts of programs on our computers. Some are very efficient, while others are less so. If your computer used to wake up much quicker than it does now, it is very likely that you have installed programs that are set to start up with your computer, and stay running in the background, even when not in use.

The programs that start up with your computer may not have even asked you if you wanted that. Unless you are going to use that program immediately after starting your computer, there is no reason to slow down the whole process by allowing it to automatically start up.

If yours is an entry, or even mid-level computer you do not want a bunch of programs running in the background that you do not use every time you are sitting in front of it. These computers have limited memory installed, which is the bare minimum to run Windows or macOS. For every program that is running in the background there is a slow-down in the speed.

There might also be problems with speed that are a result of programs that have been un-installed, but left behind traces of code. It is important to do a good cleanup once a year, just to ensure that there are no issues like those above. Most folks have no idea why their computer has slowed down. Often accepting it as a fact of life. Every computer I work on has these issues resolved before I am done. It can be eye-opening just how sluggish it had become.

I have never found a “TuneUp” program that did not introduce its own set of issues. There are hundreds of them, and they provide differing levels of assistance. Most of them are poorly designed, and many are actually bad for your computer.

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