Last year 25% of my service calls were due to failed Windows 10 updates. This year is following that same trajectory. Lots of folks have been asking about switching to a Mac. I have always been a Mac owner. They just work. However, the cost of a Mac can put some folks off.

Are there any other choices? YES, Linux. And it is awesome!

What is Linux? Well, it is a very popular operating system for things like web servers, Android Phones, and Chromebooks. Linux is the system used for over 50% of the world’s websites. It is super stable, efficient, and FREE. If you have an Android phone or a Chromebook, you are already using a version of Linux.

Using Linux is much like using any other computer operating system. The typical person could easily learn enough about Linux in one hour to be able to do all of their daily computing tasks. The icons may look different and one must learn where things are. But wait… Windows keeps changing their look, and the location of things with every new update. Meaning that Windows users have to learn new icons and locations as well.

What about all of those applications we need, like Word, or Excel? Happily, there are opensource FREE alternatives which run on Linux. These alternatives can open all of your Microsoft Office documents, like Word and Excel.

Would I need to buy a new computer? Linux can be installed on your current computer. You can run Linux on a relatively low power computer, and it will not bog it down. Linux will run on pretty much any PC you may have. I prefer to use a high-speed Solid State Drive, and plenty of memory, because I tend to push my computers to their limits.

Can I “Test Drive” it first? As a matter of fact, you can try it before you install it. It’s quite easy to test run Linux on any computer, which means that you don’t have to wonder if you will like it. If you would like to test drive Linux, give me a call and we can set up a time to let you do that in the comfort of your home or office.