Now you can Decline the Free Upgrade…

The newly updated Windows 10 upgrade offer screen shown below hits the mark by allowing you to “decline” the offer to upgrade for free.

Win 10 Upgrade prompt ow offers ability to decline

What is it that was so hard about giving Users the choice?

It’s hard to tell if the last 11 months of pain and woe were part of some master-mind marketing ploy, or just bad judgement on the part of Microsoft’s Windows team.

A court ordered $10,000 settlement in California to a plaintiff claiming she lost earnings due to an automatic upgrade she did not want, and could not roll back from could be the reasoning behind this new approach. Such court cases often open the flood gates to more cases, and convince a company that they need to take a new approach.

In any case, you now have a choice to simply decline the free upgrade, assuming you have not “accepted” it previously through your actions, or lack thereof. The previous illogical prompts made it difficult for normal windows users to be sure what they had agreed to, allowed, failed to decline, etc…

If you need assistance with upgrading, rolling back an un-intentional upgrade, or simply staying with what you have, FCBC can help.