Since my article about Streaming (in July of this year) I have been asked several times about how one would go about “cutting the wire”. This is the term used when folks get rid of their cable provider for TV entertainment.

I have been considering doing this myself and I thought it might be good to write about the process, and how I intend to accomplish it.

First, it is important to recognize that one still needs internet access. Since the only viable choices I have for that are AT&T and Comcast, I’ll need to make a choice about which to use.

Second, I have a list of entertainment requirements. I want to have the Tennis Channel, and my wife wants two specific shows. Plus, we would like access to a few shows that we have watched for many seasons. Once I have my list complete, I need to see if I can access these shows via some streaming service.

Third, I need to know that my chosen shows and services will all be accessible via my Apple TV streaming device. I prefer this device to the smart TV features on my TV. It’s crazy, but true… I have an Apple TV plugged into my Smart TV and access all of my streaming content via the Apple TV. It might be possible to access everything a person wants by only using the smart TV.

Now that I have my list, it’s time to start testing everything out before I cut the wire. I have signed up for Tennis Channel Plus and am watching that to see if they provide the things I want to see, especially the live events. I have found that the shows my wife wants are generally available, and now it is time to teach her how to access them via the Apple TV.

Once we are happy with our entertainment choices using only the streaming content, we can call Comcast and tell them to turn off everything except the Internet connection, and return our Cable box.

So, make a list of your entertainment needs, and start checking if it can be streamed. Try searching google like this: Can I stream the Tennis Channel? (just replace the program name)